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If you’re in the market for a gorgeous engagement ring, your options are manifold nowadays. You can visit a jeweler and see hundreds of different engagement ring styles with settings whose names may confuse you. If you’re unsure of the differences between, say, a halo ring and a side stone engagement ring style, then Costello Jewelry Company is here to help!

Our passion for the art of jewelry extends to every detail involved in creating the perfect engagement ring. Read on to learn more about what makes each engagement ring setting style so unique and how it can work for you:


A solitary diamond is what sets a solitaire engagement ring apart from other settings. There aren’t any diamonds set next to the center stone in a solitaire ring, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be any jewels on the ring! In recent years, clever designers have often worked diamonds and colored gems into the underside of the ring or in the pavilion of the piece. But the primary appeal of a solitaire ring is that the sculpture of the shank draws attention to the glorious center diamond, without any other side diamonds to distract from its beauty.


Three stone engagement rings are distinguished from other diamond-studded rings thanks to the two medium-sized jewels that frame the center stone. The two jewels can complement the shape of the center stone, such as princess-cut or round-cut diamonds framing an identically shaped diamond. Alternatively, designers can use a different shape to contrast with the lines or curves of the center stone. Half-moon diamonds are often used to frame princess- or emerald-cut diamonds to give them an appearance that can’t be beat.


You can tell side stone engagement rings apart by the presence of many jewels decorating the shanks of the ring. The most common look is for designers to decorate their rings with pave-set round-cut diamonds, but there are as many alternatives as you can imagine. Some of the designers we showcase at Costello Jewelry Company use horizontal baguettes or prong-set princess-cut diamonds. Don’t think that white diamonds are the only stones available—pink and yellow diamonds also grace the rings we offer!


The halo style means that the center stone is surrounded by a hoop of precious metal that’s studded with jewels. The popularity of the halo engagement ring comes from the fact that it’s a big, bold look. The rule of thumb is that each halo on a ring can add a carat of “visual weight” to the center diamond. Halos are also a particularly vintage look, invoking the beauty of the Art Deco period. This also opens to door to the beauty of having a halo rich with blue sapphires or other colored gemstones, an option that’s available to our customers.

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