Engagement Ring Styles

Designer engagement rings are built by brands according to their own unique vision, but even the most unique designers are inspired by the design traditions that have come before them. When you’re searching for an engagement ring that best suits your tastes, it’s important to know the overarching engagement ring styles and how they translate to contemporary ring design. Here at Costello Jewelry Company, we’ve been showcasing designer engagement rings since we first opened our doors, which means that we have the first-hand experience in bridal design that you can take advantage of when you browse our showcases!



The classic engagement ring is the one that comes to your mind when somebody mentions the phrase “engagement ring.” In other words, the classic style is one that consciously attempts to stick close to a universal ideal of engagement rings that will never go out of style, retaining their timeless appeal for generations to come. The classic look tends to lean toward prong-set solitaires, with yellow gold being the vehicle to express that minimalist excellence. You’ll often find that round-cut diamonds are the most common center stone for a classic engagement ring, so if that’s your preferred shape, a classic ring may be ideal to show it off.



Contemporary is another word for “modern,” and the contemporary engagement ring style is certainly an embrace of modernist design. This style is distinguished by an affection for modern design choices that would not or could not be observed in previous decades’ looks. Ironically, many of those choices are themselves reimaginings of vintage elements. Bezels and rose gold immediately come to mind. However, the princess-cut diamonds and channel settings that are so common in contemporary rings are forms of bold style that weren’t available to vintage designers.



Speaking of vintage style, many of the designers whose engagement rings we showcase here at Costello Jewelry Company turn their eyes toward the turn of the 20th century with admiration. They take advantage of the organic inspiration, architectural lines, and exuberance that characterized the Art Deco and Nouveau periods. halo rings and platinum are both characteristics of vintage inspiration, as are the delicate filigrees and milgrain beading that spoke to the eras’ maximalism. With vintage rings, you’re likely to see plenty of colored side stones arranged around a center diamond—so, if you’ve got a preference for color, you may appreciate the vintage look.



“Alternative” is something of a catch-all term. However, it’s not exactly a category that encompasses everything outside of the previous three styles. On the contrary, alternative engagement rings have a special vision attached to them that consciously distances them from the everyday. Whether this style includes twined gold wires or gemstones outside of the norm (like jade or semiprecious stones), the alternative look is apparent on its face. If you can’t find a look that’s ideal for your particular tastes, you may get a lot out of having a custom engagement ring designed according to your specifications.

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