Loose Diamonds

When you have a particular dream for a piece of jewelry, but you’ve got your own ideas for the diamonds used in the piece, what can you do? Choose a loose diamond! With thousands of GIA-quality diamonds offered, Costello Jewelry Company has the right stones to make your jewelry something that you’ll treasure for decades to come.

Once you’ve got a setting in mind, turn to our diamond search feature to explore the selection of elegant diamonds that are perfect for it.


In the Costello Jewelry Company diamond search, you can examine every diamond in stunning 360 degrees, allowing you to see every facet of these gorgeous stones from every angle. Also, the diamond search provides a thorough list of every feature of your diamond, including the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. We also have a “View GIA Diamond Report” button that shows you the exact report issued by the GIA and uploaded to our site.

In addition to the most common choice, the round-cut diamond, we also have asscher, cushion, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess, and radiant diamond shapes available for you to browse.


The first benefit of buying a loose diamond is that you get to invest your money on your terms. Rather than being stuck with a designer-selected diamond that may have traits you’re not willing to spend your cash on, choosing a loose diamond allows you to draw a circle around the traits that are most important to you, offering freedom that can’t be matched.

The 4 C’s are different for each diamond, and the importance of each are relative to each person. For example, if you prefer a large diamond, you might be willing to give up a little clarity in return. This isn’t the only kind of freedom that a loose diamond can give you. Settings are rarely so limited that they can only hold a particular shape of stone, and you can choose to fit your ideal stone in many different kinds of settings. For example, if a setting had been given four prongs, it may have been designed with a princess-cut diamond in mind—but nothing stops you from fitting an Asscher-cut diamond of comparable size in it!

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