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Men’s jewelry has a long and fascinating history that has developed parallel to women’s jewelry. In continental Europe, men have embraced a more universal parure, but in the Anglosphere, jewelry has tended to be limited exclusively to wedding bands. Fortunately, in the last few decades, this trend has somewhat belatedly reversed, and men have been exploring jewelry geared toward them and their styles. Here at Costello Jewelry Company, we’re pleased to be a place where men of every walk of life can find some exceptional jewelry choices to add some color and flair to their daily look. Our collections of men’s jewelry are just the thing to help you express your own bold style!


Tacori is the preeminent designer of men’s jewelry here at Costello Jewelry Company, and we’ve found that men really adore their creative designs. Whether you’re looking for bracelets, rings, or necklaces, Tacori has you covered. You can also find, for that more masculine approach to sophistication, tiebars, money clips, and cufflinks that bear the imprimatur of Tacori design. But when the man in your life wants to try out an exceptional ring, he’ll find a lot to love in the Legend collection: Tacori doesn’t skimp on the quality for men’s jewelry, with textured 18k gold and 925 sterling silver providing the framework for garnet over mother of pearl, blue topaz over hematite, and tiger iron.

Of course, you can also appreciate the Monterery Roadster collection from Tacori, whose necklaces are no less spectacular than their rings. The modernist appeal of the designs, sculpted in sterling silver, are made to resemble concept cars or dog tags. Alternatively, if you or your special guy are fond of a different style of jewelry, bracelets may be ideal. Made to fit under a button-up shirt’s cuff, the Simon G. men’s bracelets are made from leather and 18k gold, as well exotic touches like bezel-set black diamonds.

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