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Jewelry Engraving

Jewelry Engraving at Costello Jewelry Company

About Jewelry Engraving

The primary reason why people choose to engrave their jewelry is to personalize it. By having a piece of jewelry engraved, you can have any number of messages, mottos, or private thoughts inscribed forever in a piece of precious metal that won’t tarnish or degrade with age. The tradition of inscribed rings goes back centuries, with 15th century poesy rings having poetry engraved in its heart. Beautiful medieval phrases like “The ring is round & hath no end so is my love for thy” are the precursor for the phrases of affirmation that you can have placed in your wedding band and others.

Jewelry Engraving Services Available at Costello Jewelry Company

Here at Costello Jewelry Company, we offer both hand engraving and machine engraving. Both styles have their own merits, and we’re perfectly willing to discuss your desired engraving to put in the old or new jewelry of your choice. Hand engraving is the process you may imagine: Our skilled artisans utilize steel chisels and burins to carve phrases and designs into the softer metals used to craft jewelry. This can create a very hand-worked, one-of-a-kind artistry that people prefer for the same reason vinyl records are still popular. However, some extremely hard metals, such as zirconium and tungsten, are too difficult to hand engrave, which is where mechanical engraving comes in.

Mechanical engraving, as the name describes, uses computers and automated drills (frequently diamond-tipped) to precisely engrave messages and symbols in jewelry. The benefit is that very hard jewelry can be engraved. Also, tiny engravings that may be too small for human hands to make can be added to your piece. The downside is that some people prefer the added “humanity” that a jewelry artist can add to their engraving. Still, if you want something small, smooth, and flawless to add to the inner surface of your jewelry, the mechanical choice may be the one for you.

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Since 1979, Costello Jewelry Company has been the jeweler of choice for the men and women of Glen Ellyn and Naperville, Illinois. Our white-glove services, including jewelry engraving, jewelry & timepiece repair, appraisals and pearl restringing, are the primary reason our customers come to us for all their jewelry needs. In addition, we’re an authorized retailer of many of the top brands in the industry, including bridal jewelry, fashion jewelry, and Swiss-quality watches. If you’re interested in our jewelry or services, contact us at 630-790-3272, or visit our Glen Ellyn or Napierville showrooms today!

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