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3 Reasons Why We Love Tacori

Whether it’s their incomparable crescent patterns, their passion for luxurious bridal jewelry, or their stylish fashion pieces, there’s a lot of reasons for you to adore Tacori! Keep reading to learn our top 3 reasons.

3 Reasons Why We Love Tacori

In 1979, the Tacori name was first attached to an independent studio, and in the decades since, it’s become a name associated with luxury, excellence, and a sense of creativity that our customers adore. When you visit us here at Costello Jewelry Company, you can see for yourself that Tacori is a brand that does things differently—and in a way that will pique your imagination for days.

There are three features that really set Tacori pieces apart from others: The iconic “crescent silhouette” that appears as bunting or arches carved into their rings; delicate milgrain beading that accentuates the scintillation of neighboring diamonds; and a passion for the pale elegance of white metals, such as platinum, 925 sterling silver, and 18k white gold.

If you’re looking for an exceptional set of bridal jewelry with which to pop the question or tie the knot, choose Tacori. If you’re searching for some colorful brilliance to add light to your daily look—choose Tacori too!

Tacori Engagement Rings

tacori engagement ring

When you’re ready to make a forever promise, it’s ideal to celebrate it with a piece of jewelry that’s just brilliant as the passion that led to an engagement. Tacori engagement rings, in our humble opinion, are one of the best ways to mark that passion.

Take, for example, the excellence of the newest collection from Tacori: The Inflori collection lives up to the implication of the name. Blossoming like a flower, Inflori pieces are sculpted from platinum, their shanks culminating in pave-studded crescents that support an utterly unique halo. Shaped like fancy diamonds (marquise-, oval-, and pear-cut diamonds, in this case), these engagement rings are brilliant pieces of design work. By filling the halo with tightly packed round-cut diamonds, a woman can appreciate the look of a big, fancy-cut diamond while embracing the scintillation of round cuts and their lack of the bow-tie effect!

Tacori Wedding Bands

tacori wedding band

But don’t think that your Tacori engagement ring is the end of the story! Look to Tacori wedding bands to find collections whose creativity is enough to match the excellence of the designer’s engagement rings.

One of our favorite examples of this is the RoyalT collection. You can also find RoyalT engagement rings, but the wedding bands truly redefine opulence. These eternity bands are hand-crafted from platinum (with some very gorgeous exceptions) and boast up to five carats of the dazzling clear gemstone—more than most engagement rings! The diamonds circle a woman’s finger like a spotlight, and when you turn these wedding bands on their side, you’re sure to be stunned by the pave-studded collars that support each diamond. There’s a reason, after all, that this collection was named “royalty.”

Tacori Fashion Jewelry

tacori fashion jewelry

But let’s say you’ve gotten married, and it’s time to pick an anniversary gift. Have no fear. Tacori still has you covered. What are the tastes that drive you or your special someone?

If you’re looking for a necklace, collections like Classic Rock evoke the stateliness of the Victorian Era with their combinations of silver, misty chalcedony, and opaque onyx. The Promise collection of bracelets takes the iconic crescent silhouette and turns it into 18k gold bangles embroidered with white diamonds, adding a delicate lock whose silver key can be added to the bracelet as a charm. With options for earrings and fashion rings on the table, you can be sure that Tacori women’s jewelry is something you can admire for decades.

Discover Your Tacori Favorites at Costello Jewelry Company

If you’d like to find out more about Tacori, particularly the collections we showcase at Costello Jewelry Company, don’t hesitate to contact us at 630-790-3272 for our Glen Ellyn, Illinois showroom; or 630-355-1311 for our Naperville, Illinois showroom!


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