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Bridal Jewelry Care: So Easy, You Can Do It at Home

Your bridal jewelry is, no doubt, some of the most important in your collection. When it comes to making sure it stays beautiful for a lifetime, why not go the extra mile?

Bridal Jewelry Care: So Easy, You Can Do It at Home

If you’re engaged or married, chances are, you’ve spent a good amount of your time regarding your bridal jewelry. It’s all so delicate and fragile - what is the best way to restore the alluring shine you remember from when the pieces were brand new? The good news is, there is plenty you can do in terms of bridal jewelry care on your own.

An Ounce of Prevention

It goes without saying that your wedding band or engagement ring goes wherever you do - in the kitchen, to the office, on vacation, and out in the garden. This will naturally present fate with ample opportunity to mar your most precious possessions - to avoid calamities like knocking a diamond loose or losing your ring down the drain entirely, we recommend that you remove your bridal jewelry when engaging in messy or dangerous tasks - this includes “fun” activities like water skiing or exercising at the gym. You can wear a less expensive placeholder in the real ring’s place if you don’t like the idea of leaving the house without your bridal jewelry. Better safe than sorry.

A Thorough Scrubbing

If you notice some dirt or debris collecting in the nooks and crannies or your ring, the prescribed bridal jewelry care requires only lukewarm water, non-abrasive soap, and a soft cloth or gentle toothbrush. Soak the piece in a mild solution of soap and water; after approximately ten minutes, you can remove the ring and clear anything clinging to its surface with the rag or brush. Rinse carefully and allow to air-dry - for bridal jewelry that does not feature any silver, this method should resolve any gunkiness with ease.

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Keeping Things Organized

Once all of your bridal jewelry has been cleansed, it’s important to know the proper way to store it when not wearing it. Keeping the jewelry in a velvet-lined vessel and out of direct heat and sunlight will be a no-brainer for most collectors; you will also want to choose a relatively dry spot to keep it in, a place in your home that does not experience unusual humidity. If everything is kept in its original box when not in use, you will prevent the pieces from potentially scratching or otherwise damaging each other. This approach is also a great way to prevent necklaces and other chains from becoming tangled and broken.

Professional Bridal Jewelry Care in Chicagoland at Costello Jewelry Co.

Sometimes, it takes the touch of a true expert to keep things in order. If your bridal jewelry has become damaged over the years or if there is simply a smudge you just can’t seem to buff out, our team of professionals is here for you. The bridal jewelry care services our jewelry store offers Glen Ellyn and Naperville include re-sizings, repairs, stone replacements, re-plating, and laser welding, meaning there is no disaster too big for us to clean up. As authorized representatives of all of your favorite brand-name designers, we’ve received plenty of recognition in the community for our love of this industry. We would love to incorporate you into our growing family of satisfied patrons.


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