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Designer Spotlight: Up Your Watch Game with Raymond Weil

Today, the brand Raymond Weil is known around the world for the brand’s association with music and precision timepieces. Keep reading to learn more about the best collections the Swiss design house has to offer.

Designer Spotlight: Up Your Watch Game with Raymond Weil

Inspired by the fascinating combination of heritage and musical inspiration, Raymond Weil is an extraordinary example of a truly original brand. What began as a family business between close relatives quickly became a leading enterprise in the deluxe watch and jewelry industry. Since 1976, Raymond Weil has been taking the watch industry by storm with its sensational Swiss pieces and forward-thinking designs.

Not limiting the company to one outlet, Raymond Weil is unique in its open-mindedness to be influenced by other mediums, particularly music. The first series of watches most obviously swayed by the melodies of famous musicians was the Amadeus collection, named after the incredibly esteemed and renowned composer we know as Mozart. This trend of naming the pieces after well-known musical influences continued, and straightaway the collections became cult classics in the high-end timepiece industry.

Carrying on the musically moved theme are the men’s collections Toccata, Maestro and Tango. These timepieces are the epitome of what decadent vintage styles in the modern world should look like. With round and classic shapes together with your choice of either leather or metal-based bands, these attractive frames make the perfect addition to your professional and upscale wardrobe.

Made with confidence and strength in mind, Toccata’s blue, black, silver, and white frames perfectly showcase the enduring beauty that watches naturally emanate. The attractiveness embedded in the women’s Toccata line is extraordinary. Perhaps the most stunning among these pieces are the flawless mother-of-pearl dial watches that bring femininity and natural beauty to the forefront of any look.

Raymond Weil watches at Costello Jewelry Company

With a similar handsome design with a twist of modernization comes the Maestro collection. The men’s Tango line also became a fast favorite of Raymond Weil collections. Most well known for its emphasis on masculinity and power, the men’s Tango watches help to heighten the sense of style its wearer innately has.

Among the most cutting edge editions of Raymond Weil timepieces are the Freelancer and Nabucco selections. Exceptionally modern and forged with technical precision is the Freelancer variety. Some of the most stunning in this collection are the skeleton edition watches; transparent and pristine, these pieces are unlike any other.

The feminine-focused collections Raymond Weil has to offer are unmatched in decorativeness and grandeur. Noemia is an immaculate and sleek line of women’s timepiece jewelry. Wrapped by a clean stainless steel band, these pieces are regal and luxurious by nature. The elegant centerpiece perfectly frames and focuses its meticulous design and inventive style, making it first in its class; this model is available in the soft and charming colors of pastel pink, baby blue, and light grey.

A fantastic alternative to either the traditional or the ultra modern look is the Shine collection. Fashion-forward but still true to its vintage roots, these feminine and classic wristwatches have just the right amount of alternative appeal to stand out from the crowd while staying true to the quintessential look associated with classic timepieces.

From more simple and classic looks to the most intricate and jaw-dropping designs on the market today, Raymond Weil is a visionary jewelry and watch brand. Costello Jewelry Company is honored to bring the great city of Chicago such an incredible series of exquisite watch jewelry. For over 35 years and with two showrooms, Costello has served Illinois as a leading jewelry house; our aim is to always bring you the striking collections of brands you love and trust.

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