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Marquise Cut Engagement Rings: The Bridal Trend to Watch

Marquise cut engagement rings are possibly one of the most sophisticated engagement ring styles out there. Read on to learn more about this beautifully vintage ring style.

Marquise Cut Engagement Rings: The Bridal Trend to Watch

We are all more than familiar with the iconic solitaire diamond engagement ring, but how boring would the world be if that were your only option when it came to the matter of popping the question to your future life partner?

One recent trend we're obsessed with? Marquise-cut engagement rings, perfect for the woman looking to make a statement with her pre-bridal bling.

What is a marquise-cut diamond? It's a way of carving the stone symmetrically, in a shape almost like an oval with pointed corners on either side.

Those not familiar with the variation on the classic princess- and round-cut stone may not know that this technique actually makes the diamond appear much larger than its true carat weight and will often result in a rock with much more sparkle than a princess- or round-cut of similar quality and size.

The Tried-and-True Classic

Traditionally, this style of diamond is set turned upright against the band, with one side pointing up and the other turned down. It's named after the beauty responsible for inspiring this endlessly-appealing design, Marquise of Pompadour; King Louis XIV requested that a royal jeweler cut a stone that emulated the shape of her sensuous mouth, and the rest is history.

Attention-grabbing and engaging (no pun intended), this way of presenting the stone is classic and timeless, perfect for the woman of custom and conventional style.

Tacori Marquise Engagement Ring

A perfect example of this would be this beauty from Tacori's RoyalT collection.

Horizontal Marquise Engagement Rings

One way to ensure that your partner's ring stands out from the crowd? Choosing a ring that features a marquise-cut stone that lies on its side as a unique alternative to the usually-upright style we all know and love.

Tacori Marquise Cut Ring

Horizontally-oriented marquise-cut stones offer a more streamlined alternative to the normally-vertical style that is more common. Check out this selection from Tacori's Simply Tacori series, an absolute best-seller and one of the most stunning marquise cut rings in our showroom.

Halo Marquise Engagement Rings

Finally (and this one is our favorite spin on the trend), taking your ordinary marquise diamond and surrounding it with a halo of smaller gems is a great choice for those looking to increase the wow-factor of their future life-partner's engagement ring.

It's an unexpectedly-luxe look that takes on a whole new personality when you deviate from the norm when it comes to the shape of the main diamond featured on the piece.

Tacori Halo Marquise Engagement Ring

If simply adding more carats doesn't quite do it for you, you can always double-up on these enhancements and Tacori has definitely got you covered in that department. Another selection from their impossibly lavish RoyalT series of engagement rings features both a horizontal diamond and an opulent halo surrounding it, all set into jaw-dropping platinum. It's a real crowd-pleaser Let your girl know how lucky she is.

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