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Rose Gold Engagement Rings: 2019’s Utterly Romantic Bridal Jewelry Trend

Warm, organic, and totally chic, rose gold is the most elegant trend of the 2010s. Find out why this precious metal also makes some of the finest engagement rings available!

Rose Gold Engagement Rings: 2019’s Utterly Romantic Bridal Jewelry Trend

As a relatively simple alloy of gold and copper, rose gold has been created for millennia. But in the 1800s, the metal skyrocketed to unfathomable popularity thanks to its adoption by the Russian aristocracy as a “symbol” of their class. Since then, rose gold has found itself going through periods of relative obscurity and popularity compared to its sister alloy, yellow gold. But in the 2010s, rose gold made another comeback—and thanks to globalization and the influence of social media, rose gold seems likely to stay this time.

Here at Costello Jewelry Company, we keep our finger on the pulse of the jewelry industry, and because of that, we showcase the finest rose gold engagement rings that designers have been producing!


Tacori RoyalT collection of rose gold engagement rings

The Tacori RoyalT collection of rose gold engagement rings shows how rose gold can be used to express luxury in a warm, romantic manner. Most RoyalT rings from Tacori are crafted from platinum, which imparts a cool, neutral tone to an engagement ring—perfect for showing off diamonds—but using rose gold offers a different aesthetic.

Imagine taking the finest, largest diamonds on the market, and setting them artfully in a blossoming rose, framing the icy perfection of a diamond with the natural elegance of rose gold. That’s the effect of utilizing high-quality 18k rose gold in conjunction with up to 5 carats of diamond.

Simon G

Simon G Rose Gold Engagement Ring

While rose gold is a marvelous thing on its own, it’s a precious metal that “plays well” with others. We mentioned that white metals (like platinum and white gold) make excellent blank canvases for jewels; they also make a gorgeous contrast with flourishes of rose gold. Simon G is a master of this art, and their Mosaic collection of engagement rings shows the possibilities of pairing the organic elegance of rose gold with paler tones. A frame of rose gold sits atop a white gold band, and the presence of pink diamonds in this frame accentuates and is accentuated by the rose gold around them.

Coast Diamond

Coast Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold is an interesting choice due to the fact that changing the proportion of gold to copper radically changes the color in a way that other tones of gold can’t match. This is a pleasant thing for many women, who find that their preference for a yellower pink or a redder pink can be satisfied by choosing 18k (more gold) or 18k rose gold (more copper), respectively. A designer like Coast Diamond creates plenty of engagement rings in both options, giving women a choice of their preferred color without having to sacrifice diamond-studded halos and twisted shanks.

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