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Tips for Caring for Your Engagement Ring

Read today and learn how to keep your bridal jewelry looking spectacular!

Already your go-to bridal and fashion jewelry retailer, at Costello Jewelry Company we are committed to ensuring lifelong jewelry satisfaction for every one of our beloved guests.

To that end, the bridal jewelry experts at Costello Jewelry Company have put together a few tips on how to keep your engagement ring and wedding bands bright and brilliant for a lifetime.

Tip #1: Know When to Take It Off!

We know just how exciting it is to wear your bridal rings every day, but there are some activities that can do more damage to your rings than you might think.

Activities such as gardening, washing dishes, or sports may hurt or damage, chip, or tarnish your rings without you even noticing. When it comes to these kinds of hands-on activities, we suggest that you remove your ring in order to keep it safe.

Conversely, please be mindful of when it’s best not to take your bridal rings off. We have heard countless stories of women who take off their rings in public restrooms to wash their hands and accidentally leave their rings behind or even lose them down the drain.

Tip #2: Keep it Clean!

Like every other piece of jewelry, your bridal rings will get dirty through due to everyday wear, as well as because of the natural oils of your skin. As regular upkeep of your rings, it is a great idea to clean your ring on a regular basis.

If bringing you can’t find the time to bring your rings into your local full-service jewelry retailer—such as Costello Jewelry Company—you can always gently clean your rings at home! Avoid harsh chemicals and instead soak your rings in soapy water and gently scrub them to maintain their bridal glow.

Tip #3: Plan Regular Inspections!

Similar to the regular check-ups we all have to go through to check our overall health, it is a good idea to bring your bridal jewelry to your local full-service jewelry retailer for regular inspections and cleanings. Experts agree that to maintain the glow of your bridal rings, you should bring your engagement rings and wedding bands to a reputable retailer at least twice a year.

Available today in the Naperville and Glen Ellyn showrooms of Costello Jewelry Company are comprehensive jewelry cleaning services. Our bridal jewelry experts use the latest technologies to ensure your piece stays free from blemishes and as bright as possible. Further, our team works to find any possible problems such as loose prongs that may lead to losing stones, cracks, or other possible problems that may hinder the life of your bridal rings.

Visit Costello Jewelry Company for More Tips!

Conveniently located in Glen Ellyn and Naperville, Costello Jewelry Company is here to serve the greater Illinois area with the latest and greatest in bridal fashions and more.

Not your everyday jewelry retailer, at Costello Jewelry Company we strive to be your go-to jewelry retailer, and are authorized retailers of Carl F. Bucherer, Michele, Raymond Weil, Simon G, Tacori, and others.

In addition to this great selection, the Costello Jewelry Company staff is always here to help our customers with any jewelry advice. Since 1979, the staff at Costello Jewelry Company has provided the community with years of friendly experience to maintain their timepieces, bridal rings, and fashion jewelry in tip-top shape!

For more information on our selection of items, or to get more advice on maintaining your fine jewelry please visit, call 866.790.3272, or visit our Naperville or Glen Ellyn, Illinois showrooms today. 


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